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General data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Terms of use

The website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) has been launched and edited by the company "ET Obrt" from Gracisce, Croatia.

By using the site for the first time, you are considered to be fully aware of these Terms, that they are clear to you and that you accept them. If you are unsure of them, please do not access the site or use its content. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Use, please contact our office at

We reserve the right to change the look and content of the website, and we make use of this method to review periodically to familiarize you with the possibility of change. We will consider that your future use of our website represents your understanding of any changes that may be made.

The subjected conditions relate to several segments:

1. Terms of use.

2. Copyright and other intellectual property rights.

3. Guarantees and denials.

4. Cookies.

5. Statistics.

6. Links

7. Changes and Termination.

1. Terms of use

Allowed use

Downloading and printing each form, viewing other materials and content at this address is for personal use only. It is forbidden to publicly display, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in pre-sale or sale, make copies, open for any other services of using the complete content of the site or one current selection of that content, without the written permission of the ET Obrt, holders of copyright and other intellectual property rights. If an edition is permitted, it is not allowed to delete or modify any existing data relating to copyright and / or trademark or other intellectual property rights.

All photographs, images, videos, biographical data of persons and / or other material appearing on the site are the sole property of the "ET Obrt" company. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in all materials contained on the site belong to the "ET Obrt" company. All rights reserved. Permission gives entities to use these materials solely for promotional, editorial and informational purposes, and shall be published in newspapers, magazines and electronic media. You may not use the material from the sites differently. Defined permissions and how to use the sites must not be delegated, subcontracted or assigned and each set up and attempting to upload, subcontract or assign the appearance will be for naught. Using the materials from the sites, the media users are bound by all of the above limitations, conditions and requirements.

    2. Guarantees and denials

"ET Obrt" company makes a reasonable effort to publish accurate and up-to-date information on the site, but does not take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information, nor does it give any right to object in this regard. "ET Obrt" company emphasizes that all materials and content on the Website should be taken “as is” and the "ET Obrt" company is not held responsible for any consequences that may result from a different interpretation of the materials and content on the Website. "ET Obrt" company does not guarantee that the site will always be accessible and that it will not contain errors or viruses. Each user expressly accepts the use of the site at his own risk.

"ET Obrt" company is not responsible for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damage) that may result from the use or inability to use any part of the Website.

     3. Protection of personal data, confidentiality, cookies

Cookies are miniature files that are stored on a computer or mobile device when we visit a website. Cookies allow the website to “remember” visitors’ activities or settings from previous visits so that they can be automatically applied at the next visit. This way the website already “knows” that you have been here before and in some cases adjusts what you see on the screen. Cookies are most commonly used to remember specific user preferences, to help input information that has already been entered during previous visits, to collect analytics, or for promotional campaigns. uses the so-called cookies – A set of data that serves as your anonymous individual identifier, by sending the site to your browser and storing it on your computer. Cookies are used to function all the features of the site and provide a better user experience.

Cookies can be divided into session cookies or persistent cookies. Temporary cookies are temporarily stored on your computer and are automatically deleted after you close your web browser.

Permanent cookies remain stored on your computer even after you close your web browser, but they usually have a shelf life. Such cookies are used to facilitate access for registered users and store information such as username and password, which allows me to “remember” functionality when logging in, so that you do not have to enter your username and password each time you visit that website. Permanent cookies can remain on your computer for days, months, and even years.

We also divide cookies into first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies come from the site you are on, while third-party cookies come via ads or through external services from other sites. page. Information collected for this purpose includes the user’s IP address, browser, language, operating system information, and other standard statistics that are collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and mass formats. Third-party cookies are most commonly used by advertising networks to analyze user behavior on various websites. The purpose of the analysis is to profile users by demographics, interests, etc. – most commonly used for advertising purposes.

But how do cookies actually work?

Cookies store information in the form of “key” and “value” pairs within text files.

For example, cookies may store the language in which you are currently browsing the page. If the language is Croatian, the record will most often look like this: language = en

When you first select a language, the website will create and save a cookie containing language information through your browser. Then, at each subsequent visit, if that cookie still exists, the site will know your selection and show you the content in the language you want.

When accessing, cookies identify the parameters of the browser, but not the users themselves. In short, the purpose of cookies is well-intentioned, they are not harmful and cannot carry viruses and provide a better user experience when surfing.

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can easily delete (or prevent) them from your computer using the browser settings you use. More information about managing cookies is available on the browser pages you use or at

Because the purpose of cookies is to improve and maximize the user experience of using our site and its processes to the fullest extent of their functionality, please note that preventing or deleting cookies may disable the features of the site or cause your browser to function differently and appear.

     4. Statistics

The website uses the Google Analytics tool for statistical monitoring of user activity. User activity is monitored to ensure that the website functions properly and to improve the site and improve the user experience. Google Analytics does not allow user identification, although it does handle some types of private information such as IP address. This is achieved through data aggregation and anonymization techniques such as IP masking.

To give you a better user experience and plan your future activities effectively, we use the Google Analytics Advertising Reporting Features tool, which provides insight into users’ gender, age and interests. This information is based on third party cookies, is also anonymous and cannot be used to identify users.

Detailed information about this service and the cookies it uses, as well as users’ ability to regulate their own activity tracking, is available at: .

     5. Links

We do everything in our power to ensure that all redirects from our web pages direct you and / or your child to web sites whose content is quality in a sense that it does not encourage negativity. However, pages and addresses on the web are changing rapidly, and we cannot always guarantee the content of every address we direct you to.

    6. Changes and Termination of Terms of Use

"ET Obrt" company reserves the right to change or discontinue all or any part of this site and the Terms of Use at any time. Changes take effect by posting to this address or when users are notified. The Terms of Use apply until terminated by you or by the "ET Obrt" company .Your termination, at any time, means the termination of your use of the Site and the cancellation of all materials and content “downloaded” and used from the same site.

Updated 25/09/2022

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