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Training programme

We focus on the development of individual handball skills and learning the basics of physical preparation. 

What makes our camp different?

  • Individual and group training approach

  • Working with a fitness coach

  • Developing cooperation between players in all handball positions

  • Participants are divided into age groups

  • Handball advise from famous players

  • We will organize technical capabilities competition between participants with prizes

grafika štoperica.png
grafika štoperica.png


Rules and code of conduct will be presented upon arrival at the camp.

Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are strictly forbidden to use by all participants during the camp!

Bedtime is at 23:00 and after that time no participants should be out of their rooms.

If the code of conduct is not followed, the organizer of the camp holds the right to send the particular participant back home immediately.

A daily camp schedule with precise times will be published one week before camp starts!

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